Stop Yelping. Start Helping.

Tap is the new ad-free app to tell businesses what you think and how to improve. Tap is all about making things better. For you. For your friends, family, and community. As others UpTap your suggestions, businesses are alerted to pay attention, respond, and make changes. Make better happen. With Tap.

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Tap Feedback Loops Make Things Better

Tap and Comment

A green Tap means keep up the good work. Yellow means improve. Red means a big change is needed. Comments add context.

Get UpTapped

Watch your notifications as others agree with your Tap. Once five people agree, a Mob forms. Mobs have more clout with brands.

Make Better Happen

Mobs help businesses prioritize what to focus on and improve. The more people who UpTap, the more likely a business is to respond.

Most Tapped Brands

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The Global Tap Movement

The wisdom of the Tap community guides you to the best experiences. Real-time feedback on businesses like restaurants, hotels, and telecom providers helps you make the best decisions on where you should go and what you should buy.


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How was your experience?


How was your experience?

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Tap is made by Forrester, one of the world's most influential research and advisory firms—and a leader in helping brands improve customer experience.

Independent & Ad Free

Tap is a place for you to share your opinions and ideas for how companies can improve. Tap is an environment for businesses to listen and respond. Advertising has no place on the Tap platform.

Stories of Listening to Customers

The #MakeItBetter Blog

Burrito Brand Responds To Taps in Real Time

Boloco is a Certified B Corp and serves delicious and innovative burritos, bowls, salads, smoothies and shakes. Watch Co-Founder and CEO John Pepper respond to Taps in near real-time.

Target Listens to Customers About Gender

Target listened to parents and changed how they labeled toys.

Do Us a Flavor! Who Designs Frito-Lay Chips? Customers Do.

Frito-Lay’s  ‘Do Us a Flavor’ initiative is great PR and marketing — and it’s also a fantastic example of a company listening.